Family in front of their destroyed home. Family in front of their destroyed home. Tuku Maya is on the Bakreswori Women's Committee Tuku Maya is on the Bakreswori Women's Committee Home under construction. Home under construction. Completed wash station Completed wash station

Women Rebuilding Their Communities-Updated

In Bakreswori, a village in Gorkha, 80% of homes were destroyed in the April earthquake. Now it is the site of EDWON’s first reconstruction project. Our primary concern is to provide a dry, warm temporary home for every needy family; our second is sanitation: clean water, adequate sanitary facilities and the awareness to prevent outbreak of disease.

Bakreswori has already seen major improvements, as our partners, ADWAN, are completing work on 51 dwellings, 20 latrines and 56 wash stations.

Work has begun in a second village, Thulogaun, where 12 houses have been completed.

Community involvement is key to effective and equitable reconstruction. That is why creating a local Women’s Committee is step one: women now play an important role in organizing their communities and as monitors of fairness and progress.

Tukumaya, a longtime member of Bakreswori Women’s Group A, has helped mobilize workers to form work-teams, first to build shelters for families with infants or pregnant, old or incapacitated members. While community members provide the labor and local building materials, ADWAN staff procures the essential roofing materials and cement–and bears the overall responsibility for success. All workers and volunteers are served two meals a day, cooked by other volunteers.

Initially the project was plagued by a host of challenges: from the difficulty of motivating traumatized victims to dealing with delays and shortages of building supplies. And for weeks the truck carrying roofing material from Eastern Nepal was held up by roadblocks and violent protests against the new constitution.

But in 6 weeks volunteers and skilled carpenters have now completed 21 temporary homes with roofs of blue zinc–the material of choice.

During the wait for the zinc, women carried bag after bag of cement uphill from the main road to use in concrete platforms built to accommodate piped water and a drain. 29 households now have 29 such wash stations. In combination with new and additional latrines they represent much needed improvements over pre-earthquake conditions.

Thanks to generous donors like you, EDWON will be able to fund similar improvements in two additional villages this fall: temporary homes, improved sanitary facilities and WASH training to give over 100 families (about 500 people) a dry temporary home, new and life-saving sanitary conditions, and much improved safety and comfort.

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