• "The whole staff was invited to the party, but when the meal was served, the hostess showed me outside to eat by myself – because I was Dalit."– Bishnu Pariyar, Founder

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  • Did you know? – $10 is all a child needs to go to school for an entire year.

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Our Mission:
To enable rural Dalit women repressed by caste and gender to claim their rights and live in dignity

Dalit Women

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EDWON’s Ambitious Girls Fund is Changing Lives

June 23, 2014

Laxmi speaks eloquently for the group of 33 rural girls benefiting from the Ambitious Girls Fund this year: “I express my gratitude from the core of heart to all who helped me for this opportunity,” says Laxmi. “One day, I…Read More


December 21, 2013

What EDWON spends is seed money—in the form of education and access to minimal savings and credit. Look at stories like this one: I first met Tan Maya BK in 2006, and despite a mischievous glint in her eye she projected…Read More